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Disappearance in Midday or, A Woman of Color vs Princeton Police

Morning all, and happy Black History Month. It’s chugging along, isn’t it? As I sit here, half in wonder of the reactions to Beyonce’s insta-hit “Formation” and some old man named Romanowski who called the Panthers’ Cam Newton a “boy,” something much more personal weighs on me.

It didn’t happen to me. But it could have. Instead, it happened to a friend and peer, a roommate from college, a mother and professor, author and activist. She was not allowed a phone call, was taken to a police station, and handcuffed to a table…for a parking ticket. I urge you to read her story, presented to you without edits, and share it. When they ask us why we “get to have” Black History Month, it’s because of stories like these. Because this still happens. Because I blinked and woke up in a police state.

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