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In a nutshell: I’m entrenched in social media, for work and for enjoyment. I resisted Twitter for years, presuming there was nothing to be gained there but confirmation that the world is completely illiterate. Eventually I caved, and it’s been a blast. I’ve got about 160 followers from all over (maybe less after this post…hmmm). I enjoy following fellow writers, bantering comedians, History in Pictures (@HistoryInPics), my own friends’ varied projects, and ranting babies (@HonestToddler). Like most, I throw stuff out there, random thoughts, split-second observations, not necessarily expecting a response–particularly when dealing with people in media. I mean, when would they find the time? And really, why would anyone even work up the energy to reply in 140 characters to some inane goof I just tweeted? But let me be clear: they FIND the time, and when they do respond, it’s like someone delivered an unexpected bouquet to my door. There’s:

The TV Weatherman
Skinny Pete AKA Charles Baker from Breaking Bad
skinny pete

Your Reluctant Breakfast Stop