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In a nutshell: I’m entrenched in social media, for work and for enjoyment. I resisted Twitter for years, presuming there was nothing to be gained there but confirmation that the world is completely illiterate. Eventually I caved, and it’s been a blast. I’ve got about 160 followers from all over (maybe less after this post…hmmm). I enjoy following fellow writers, bantering comedians, History in Pictures (@HistoryInPics), my own friends’ varied projects, and ranting babies (@HonestToddler). Like most, I throw stuff out there, random thoughts, split-second observations, not necessarily expecting a response–particularly when dealing with people in media. I mean, when would they find the time? And really, why would anyone even work up the energy to reply in 140 characters to some inane goof I just tweeted? But let me be clear: they FIND the time, and when they do respond, it’s like someone delivered an unexpected bouquet to my door. There’s:

The TV Weatherman
Skinny Pete AKA Charles Baker from Breaking Bad
skinny pete

Your Reluctant Breakfast Stop

The Author Continues. (Whaddup to my five followers!)

I’m winking at all five of you & giving you the double guns because you are all THAT cool.

So I think I’m late with posting…I’m not really sure because I’m not in control of my body right now. I planned to crash on one day that’s turned into three. Lying down for say, 15 minutes has been quickly becoming two hours. So I’m just going with the flow. Last week was a doozy so although I can’t make up for a time debt, I most certainly can make my best effort.

Here’s the rest of The Author. Under a separate post, probably Monday or Tuesday once I think a few people have had a chance to read it, I’ll explain why I made some choices over others, what made me think of it to begin with, and if I myself am suffering some psychosis (for the record, the answer to that last one is no, so rest easy).

Although it’s one of my favorite stories I realize it’s also flawed, but I have resisted reworking it; I’d have to workshop it again to gather that much energy. I still have my original colleagues’ written comments though (those are gold, I’d never toss them and actually have considered, on particularly slow days, typing them up so I can access them on my Droid and possibly tap into some inspiration). Anyway, I consider having those comments/building blocks enough to work with should I want to say, submit this or other short stories for a contest or a magazine. Or grad school or freelance jobs. Or $100. You know, for that exchange alone, I’m marking this All Over the Place. Get your sleep, folks.

Also, please use your discretion in deciding who you let peek over your shoulder for this one. I assume you’re not a Duggar with 10 teenagers clamoring to see what’s happening with The Internet Thing, but you never know. I’ll talk to you later.