Oh, hey, I didn’t see you standing there.

Well, welcome! You’ve found my blog. It’s been a long time coming and I’m grateful you’ve hung around all this time, harassing, nay, encouraging me into creating one. It’s exciting, but also terrifying, because I think I’m now supposed to sound clever all the time & honestly, I don’t sit around being witty all day. Sometimes I sit around being hilarious.

But seriously, this should be an interesting adventure. I’ve been writing creatively since I was approximately nine years old; my mom bought me lined, hardcover diaries with Disney characters on the front and I filled them with stories of kidnappings and swear words. I’m assuming someone in the family found these at some point, panicked, and destroyed the evidence–at some  point I just stopped seeing them. But I did keep writing.  I kept diaries from ages 15 to about 24, at which point I realized I was rambling nonsense and ditched that altogether too.

Now I feel ready. I’ve got a few years of writing workshops under my belt.  You develop a fairly thick skin being judged by your peers (among them, superstar Kitty Stockett, writer of The Help, and my professor, who edited it) or worse, being judged by assholes who think they are your peers. (That’s for the dude who wrote about killer clowns in the suburbs–good luck with that.) All that to say, when I’m not writing I’m fairly miserable. I hope this place will help me keep writing while also entertaining you guys a bit. I’d be pleased with that combo.

Alas–it’s almost 8 pm, and that means primetime TV. I’ve already written more than I’d normally write for a workshop assignment so hey, you guys are getting the BEST of me, first time out the gate! I’ll see ya soon.