About …I’m Lost

Can You Help Me I’m Lost is a collection of travelogues and short stories. It began in November 2011 as a way for me to write creatively in a public forum–outside my wonderful writing workshop. Now I write as a 40-something African American woman traveling alone to cities in which people of color are both plentiful and scarce. I also write about chronic pain, mental health, and my related experiences with cannabis in legal cities and countries.




10 thoughts on “About …I’m Lost”

  1. A “mean face” – that is so funny! If you never watched How to make it in America, you are totally missing out http://www.hbo.com/#/how-to-make-it-in-america . Anyway there is an episode (season 2) where a character was told by her boss that she has a “mean listening face,” and your story made roll, anyway if you want to see them Gmail me. I also enjoyed your other observations very much. Keep writing!


    1. Glad you liked it. I really appreciate the support. And feel free to drop email me re: suggestions (remember that night in the city where we visited a friend of yours at a Midtown hotel…it involved forks?). I know this sounds sketchy but trust me, this was totally a G/PG moment.


  2. Just learned of your blog from the listserv. So glad I have something new, funny and interesting to read when I’m looking to procrastinate!


    1. Hi Alice, I’m glad you like it! I tried to find some kind of chic, creative, funky header, and then I realized, why be something I’m not? I love to read books, and eventually I hope to write one. So why not use them as my header? Glad to have you here, please stay and enjoy. :)


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