No Pain, True Gain

True story: the last time I went to Europe, I packed all my meds as usual (even extra, cause international travel). I was gone for nine days (NL then France), and around day five… I realized I hadn’t needed my synthetic narcotic painkiller one time. I was feeling no pain (literally and figuratively). Even wilder, I’d gone off an antidepressant at the same time. Anyone who’s been on one knows the abject horror of withdrawal. It’s a long weekend but you forgot to call your doc? Get ready for extreme nausea, insomnia, upset stomach, rebound anxiety, paranoia—the whole shebang. 

But I had no withdrawal. Because I’d “accidentally” microdosed my way off my medications.

So I had no withdrawal. And I had no pain. What I did have was nine days of walking 4-5 miles, taking insane pictures, navigating public transit, eating great food, meeting new friends at dispensaries, and mostly celebrating being somewhere where laws made sense. Then I came back home, and in the long shadow of decriminalization went back on my meds. My state offers me no other options.

All that to say, when I talk about cannabis, it’s purely from a personal place. I’ll never say it’s for everyone, or that it’s a cure-all. This is just my story. But I think it’s worth some research, particularly if you’ve exhausted all avenues of Western medicine. (Also, synthetic painkiller is a mouthful. Suggestions?) #psa #cannabis #goodmedicine #legalizeit #microdose #greenmedicine via @blackgirlssmoketoo


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