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God Laughs.

At the moment I’m in a splint and crutches, the latter of which are truly horrifying at my age. No one needs to be dragging this chub around on nonexistent triceps.

I made plans, and God laughed. That bit I do believe. Beyond that, there is no reason for my injury, other than falling off a high step at a dimly lit bar. I hit the ground hard that night, on my hands and knees. I’d rolled my ankle, and was shaken. But I’m learning to cherry pick through the opinions of those who mean well, but perhaps think my day-to-day is only what they see in selfies. I’ll hit the ground running for my next flight, crutches or not. I can laugh through the wincing. –NH


*Jamaica, Brazil, and Mexico are all on my list too. It’s a loooong list.


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