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It’s Dusty In Here.

Returning to a deserted blog feels a lot like coming to any abandoned building. It’s a little uncomfortable. I feel pensive but also curious; what was I talking about last? What did I think was important, and is it, still? What if I open the page and find I’ve been yammering incoherently for the past three years?

This time, this year, with 45 as president? I feel fired up to see what exactly his America looks like. So I’m checking it out. I’m also obsessed with America’s image around the world, so I’ll be documenting that as well (I’ve been blessed to have traveled to Havana, Martinique, Amsterdam and Paris within the past 12 months).

Lastly, as the occasional to chronic spoonie, I’ll be checking out stuff with an eye on ease, manageability, and livability. New York is demanding, to say the least, and I feel less and less attached to her the longer I’m here. Some forays have been much more successful than others–Portland has got to do better–but it’s all a learning experience and I’m just a big nerd at heart. Travel makes me feel fed. It makes me feel like I’m living the life I was meant to (regardless of destination).

What’s more uncomfortable than returning to a dormant blog? Realizing that the life you thought you wanted–grounded, routine, “normal”–is not the life you thrive in at all. I thrive making timely connections, finding cute photo opps and chatting up travelers who don’t look like me. I’m also fascinated with hotels. “Wouldn’t I rather be in my own bed?” Nope. I want the 6000 euro Tempur-pedic from Paris (cause spur-of-the-moment upgrades are the bomb).

It’s somewhat coincidence that most of the places I’ve visited are cannabis friendly. Coincidence in that the most fun destinations tend to be the most progressive, and progressive states generally have legalized cannabis.

That being said: when I’m in a place where cannabis is legal, I don’t live a spoonie life. I live a generally painfree life. Narcotics are unnecessary. I can walk 4-6 miles a day. And my brain swirls with ideas. ‘

So let’s have an adventure together. I’ll take it from there. That feels right to me. I feel comfy already.

(Sometimes sour, still in BK)



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