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Found in the Wilderness

Whassup blog readers! I hope you’re enjoying your summer. In my mind, no one’s in a cube or a boring conference meeting with low A/C or carpooling four kids (only one of whom is yours) to the nearest pool. I’d rather picture you all in hammocks, beachside, multitasking at your favorite cafe or spending a well-earned vacation doing absolutely nada. Your choice.

So a colleague of mine sent me some info on myself recently. I’m still getting acclimated to the whole bio/tell the world about afropuffyourself in a flattering but not overly obnoxious way, so I scanned it in about 4 point font in gmail on my phone and more or less told her to go for it. The same day I surprisingly found myself the feature topic of a blog by creative Georgia Scott. Now, it’s one thing to ramble aimlessly on Facebook and Twitter…and another altogether to realize someone has actually been reading–and even remembering–a quirky phrase or two you’ve typed off the top of your head, hopefully while not in a hungry, sleepless haze.

Please check out by Ms. Scott, and my post there. She’s aiming to give editors and the craft of editing some love, and I think it’s neat.



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