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Up next: reunions, manuscripts & forcing myself to do the Snoopy dance

It’s been a wiiild 2014 and I haven’t even hit Valentine’s Day yet. (Note: now is the time to proclaim your love for me. Be a man already.)

Lots going on: in life, in news, in creative whirligigs… I really have to start making more lists. (Lists made with one space after a period…double spacers, you know who you are and frankly, you’re wrong.)

Feel free to check me out on twitter and my newest endeavor/1,000-yard-stare inducer over on tumblr. Y’all already know me on Facebook–I’m a hoot, right? Damn straight.

So big things in the works for this year. Twentieth reunion at college. I can remember graduation like it was yesterday, so that’s disturbing. Been catching up with old and new friends, and it’s been delightful.

More than 20 years in Delta…I remember jitters wondering if my remarkable peers would embrace me into their sisterhood. As an only child, I can’t express how down deep my experience has been as a soror.

Writing…I’m doing it, frequently, with the courage and ongoing support of friends, family, creative folks… As Biggie said, “It was all a dream.” You write better the more you write. Truth.

Winter’s not a great time for me, but there are strategies to get through it. Contact me in, like, 10 ways if you’re struggling. We can get through this thing. Two more months till April! (As I type I hear cars spinning their wheels in the snow.) And by the way, God bless parents everywhere dealing with snow days. And New York parents dealing with de Blasio’s sadism to keep schools open in dangerous conditions. (WTF, new guy?)

So I’ll be back shortly, cause I enjoy interacting with you all & hope you get a snicker or a warm spot reading a post or two. If you do, tell a friend. Until then, stay warm (and cute), safe, and count your blessings, as we all have them. Cheers.

PS: check out a fellow bulldog who is guffaw-level funny and a musician to boot. (Whew…fanning myself and sipping my mint julep slowly, y’all know how I get about musicians.) Rhasaan O. Manning and his merry band of talented misfits.

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5 thoughts on “Up next: reunions, manuscripts & forcing myself to do the Snoopy dance”

  1. I just LOVE reading your posts. You’re correct about writing and the practice thereof improving one’s writing abilities. I thoroughly enjoy your writing!


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