A Bit of Real Life, A Little Sad, General Writing

Skipping a Dose

I wondered whether to share this, but I think it’s an example of what your average American faces trying to maneuver the current health care system. There’s a new medication on the market. And to me that makes it helpful.

After giving me his literal last batch of samples, my doctor called in said medication: a month’s supply. Nothing crazy. I called my local pharmacy (shop local!) after a day or so and asked if my Rx was ready. This was followed by a pause, some stuttering, muffled sound as employee asked about said prescription and clearly held receiver to her chest, then hold music. Finally, human interaction again.

Rep: “Did your insurance expire?” (It expired in April, but eh, local pharmacy.)
Me: “Correct. I’m self-paying. The doctor called it in, right?” (Should I be pissed at him? Just tell me where to direct my annoyance.)
Rep: “Yeah, but we filed it.” (I’ve never heard of this practice but I knew it didn’t sound great.)
Me: “So he didn’t actually…fill it?” Perplexed.


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