Notable Things I Learned This Thanksgiving

passed out

Did everyone have a good holiday? I hope so. If you spent it with family, friends, pets, getting sleep after pulling a night shift, watching a Dr. Who marathon or just playing PS4 without being interrupted, kudos.

My Thanksgiving was pretty awesome. Not to rub it in, but yeah, it rocked.

There are always things to be thankful for. Of course I’m thankful for the love. So much love. But let’s think outside the box.

One? Catching folks in their zone with their IDK and IDC New York expressions on and wishing them a great holi/day. The surprise followed by a smile was worth it every time. (Ice grill pitbull walker, I’m looking at you.)

Another: Being extra cool to those in the service industry. I chatted up an employee at a nearby corner store/bodega (Is that still what they call it? Old alert.). He informed me that he was due to leave at 4 (it was around 3:50) but his boss called in last-minute to cancel so he had to work all day. “He’s with his family but I’m not with mine, like I have no family,” he said. I sympathized, moved to leave, only for him to continue for about 10 minutes. He needed to vent, and his boss was a jerk.

Being inspired to cook. My friends can burn! The idea of making an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself calls to mind a sitcom situation with a laugh track, but maybe one day. I’ll start with a whole chicken.

Twitter Bop

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In a nutshell: I’m entrenched in social media, for work and for enjoyment. I resisted Twitter for years, presuming there was nothing to be gained there but confirmation that the world is completely illiterate. Eventually I caved, and it’s been a blast. I’ve got about 160 followers from all over (maybe less after this post…hmmm). I enjoy following fellow writers, bantering comedians, History in Pictures (@HistoryInPics), my own friends’ varied projects, and ranting babies (@HonestToddler). Like most, I throw stuff out there, random thoughts, split-second observations, not necessarily expecting a response–particularly when dealing with people in media. I mean, when would they find the time? And really, why would anyone even work up the energy to reply in 140 characters to some inane goof I just tweeted? But let me be clear: they FIND the time, and when they do respond, it’s like someone delivered an unexpected bouquet to my door. There’s:

The TV Weatherman
Skinny Pete AKA Charles Baker from Breaking Bad
skinny pete

Your Reluctant Breakfast Stop

Skipping a Dose

I wondered whether to share this, but I think it’s an example of what your average American faces trying to maneuver the current health care system. There’s a new medication on the market. And to me that makes it helpful.

After giving me his literal last batch of samples, my doctor called in said medication: a month’s supply. Nothing crazy. I called my local pharmacy (shop local!) after a day or so and asked if my Rx was ready. This was followed by a pause, some stuttering, muffled sound as employee asked about said prescription and clearly held receiver to her chest, then hold music. Finally, human interaction again.

Rep: “Did your insurance expire?” (It expired in April, but eh, local pharmacy.)
Me: “Correct. I’m self-paying. The doctor called it in, right?” (Should I be pissed at him? Just tell me where to direct my annoyance.)
Rep: “Yeah, but we filed it.” (I’ve never heard of this practice but I knew it didn’t sound great.)
Me: “So he didn’t actually…fill it?” Perplexed.