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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Thought I forgot? Nope. I’ve been thinking, and eating, and commiserating, and washing dishes.

I don’t have 41 things to be grateful for, is what I learned. Because gratefulness is ongoing and fluid, and can’t really be popped into a bulleted list, right?

Eff it, I’ll try.

*My family. As time passes I have so little. I am clutching on to those I have left with white knuckles.

*Friends. The good ones. You know who you are and so do I. We may have 10 years or 20 together.

*Or, we have 7 years and never met in person and you still manage to get exactly what I’m saying all the time.

*I’m grateful for the health I have, but humans are selfish and with that said, I wish mine was better.

wiki leaks*I love funny stuff, and if you get me to snort, you win.

*I love making people laugh.

*I love writing, which is odd, as I don’t do it at all like I should.

*I love second chances. Sometimes I think, eh, you’re pushing it…Your jar of chances is basically backwash at this point. And then something happens out the blue and I’m surprised and the jar seems to level off.

*I love the usual: traveling, eating some of the best food I can, trying new things even when I know I’ll wake up sore and grumpy the next day.*

*On that note, I love Motrin.*

*I love my nieces & nephews.

*I love it when I can push myself.

*I love when I can take personal inventory to heart.

I do NOT love not knowing my future, canceling on plans, when folks are dishonest, feeling like I’m in survival mode. I wish someone had explained to me that it wouldn’t be a cakewalk a FEW years earlier.

*But I love more stuff than I don’t. Like dogs. They’re cool.

*Hugs rock too.

That can’t be 41, right? I mean, I could fill up the list with points about fantastic sermons, an unexpected ride home, not needing an umbrella after all, getting my nails done, getting my hair to act right, finding out my favorite movie’s about to start on TV. But this feels done, for now. For today. Cheers.

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