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Friends, Fried Bread and Freakouts: 40 is upon me

Hi all,

It is dusty in here. Unlived. What happened? I see Dixie cups and dead streamers. There was a party and no one cleaned up after?

Well, I’m back. And I’m 40. I have to keep repeating that because it doesn’t slip off the tongue the way other ages do. FORTY. My first thought is Fucccc— But no. No need for profanity. Forty is a milestone, a blessing. I think of the people lost to me before their 40s. There is much done but much to be accomplished. No sitting back and chilling at 40. I hope it is indeed the new 30, because my first set of 30s was kinda like my 20s, in that I smiled and coasted and was a little looser with life than maybe I should have been. But my new 30s? Invigorated! I’m clapping my hands, getting ready. I heard a mental gun go off at midnight the day of my birthday. Let’s DO THIS.

Then I got a pinched nerve. Did anyone mention that your entire body might shut down at 40? Your eyes have a crazy expiration date. Your knees WILL start to buckle. Aches, pains, and wrinkles appear, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a dirty sort of magic. It’s all good though. At this age, I know exactly what I need to feel better. I know my limits, but even better, I embrace pushing past them more than before. Why not embrace the newness of what comes next? I’m a 40 year old adult. I’m educated, somewhat funny and often employed. Let’s celebrate! I mean, you don’t have to, but I will. I’ve already got the cups, and the streamers.

So I gave y’all the summer off. I hope you made good use of it, cause I’m back, sweeping up and getting this place ready for autumn and all that follows. Are you with me? Yes? Caffeinated? Knee brace on? Vitamins packed? Aight. Let’s go.


11 thoughts on “Friends, Fried Bread and Freakouts: 40 is upon me”

  1. Love your attitude, Nira. I don’t have any streamers and I don’t even know what Dixie cups are, but I’ll celebrate with you! And I’m here with you ready for what autumn may bring.

    By the way how does the fried bread fit in? I mean, I’m a fan of it at any age, but just wondering…


  2. Ahhh, my sister with the golden pen has returned with a nibble to tease her hungry followers. This is a great snack, but I’m starving over here! When’s dinner?!? (smile)


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