Next Up–Kinks & Twists: A Permless Journey in 22 Years

Hey guys! Happy spring to you all. I hope you’re all enjoying well-earned vacation days, opening tent-pole movie weekends, and BBQs planned to the very degree thanks to Siri.

So listen, a few recent conversations with friends led me to push my originally planned post–Tight Pockets, Boundless Faith–a bit further into the future. Instead, I’ll be presenting a post on one of the few topics as polarizing as religion or politics in my social circle: hair. You bring up permed vs. natural hair at your average African-American dinner party and you might as well openly endorse a Romney/Palin ticket at an Obama wine tasting fundraiser.

I won’t be tackling the entire world of Black hair. The history is too long, too deep, and too politicized. But I think it might be cool and hopefully worthwhile to walk down the road of my personal hair journey, with a few stops along the way to check out changes in the local neighborhood’s landscape–in its customers, salons, and products. So hang in there with me for a few more days, and I’ll have the newness for you soon. Cheers!