A Bit of Real Life, New York

Unemployment–Earning Every Day of It

Holy cow, it’s April. I have officially spent nine months without a solid paycheck. I’ve snagged a few days’ worth of editing here and there, but for 96% of the time, I’ve been giving that weekly check from the Fed a hearty pound and a hug. C’mere you, where’ve ya been? You were due on Thursday, I was getting worried.

I wasn’t sure how to adequately start this post. Dickens’s Tale of Two Cities,’ “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” seemed appropriately overdramatic, but I quickly noted that the greater part of the year has been neither extreme. At its best it’s been enlightening, humorous, and hopeful. And even at its most meh, it’s been belt-tightening, boring, and frustrating.