General Writing

Heavy is the head that wears the crown…from Burger King

Oh heeey…I didn’t know you shopped here too, look it that! And at the same time I do, what are the chances? That’s like, crazy…heh.

OK, look, I’m NOT avoiding you. I think you’re awesome, you’re SO smart, really funny, super-cute, and I’m totally into you.  And I’m totally working on something for you now, it’s just that you know, being laid off for six months (SIX MONTHS?!) has me running around like a mad woman, spinning many plates, and exploring what I want my next chapter to be. (It won’t be as lush as Oprah’s, so don’t get too excited.) But I think I’ll be taking more chances. I mean, I’ve played it safe and look where it took me–absolutely nowhere. Full disclosure, it’s probably taken me several steps backward. But I feel like I’m making up for it pretty quickly.

Soooo, if you can be ok for with me not texting you as much, and maybe not being as available on email, I’ll be back and you’ll be here and maybe I’ll have a boom box and you’ll be at your window and I’ll have football tickets in my teeth, and we’ll have a blast! Are you down? I’m down! Yeah. Cool. Oh, and if you could stop calling and like, breathing on the phone? I mean, it’s fine, but I know it’s you, and why waste your minutes? Oh no, I don’t think it’s creepy, it’s just, with the caller ID and everything…

Great! See you soon.

P.S. I have no crown. I was thinking of a birthday party I had at BK where everyone got crowns & were perfectly happy with them. I want to find my crown & be happy with it.