New York, Workshop Short Story

What the hell was I thinking? The Author, deciphered & look–a movie!

Happy Tuesday. Let’s talk suicide.

Black humor. Too soon? Sorry. It’s only my second week, I’m still learning.

I assume if you’re reading this you’ve read The Author so there’s no need to say SPOILERS, right? Just in case, let me say, skip the first sentence: Here There Be Spoilers.

I’m nervous. I don’t think I’ve ever discussed a “process” before. I’ve never written prolifically so I’m not sure I have one. I wrote this story for my workshop, but the story came from a few ideas blossoming in my head at once. (This does not happen to me often.)

1) I was broke. I’d been laid off for months. If I remember correctly, I was newly temping. I was living with my aunt long before it became cool (you know, when enough important people started doing it).  I was existing off the goodwill of my friends and family…. Holy sh*t, that’s what I’m doing now!

2) I was obsessed with Craigslist. This was pre-prostitution and serial-murder implosion, and a friend introduced me me to it; I was constantly reading the Personals, specifically Missed Connections, Casual Encounters, and Rants & Raves. I was squeal-level happy and alternately shocked into silence by people’s public recounting of “romantic” flings, requests, and other things I’m pretty sure their parents had taught them not to share publicly. I enjoyed it, but things seemed to turn dark on that site fairly quickly. It wasn’t the sort of thing I should’ve been reading at 3 in the morning, but if I was battling insomnia, there I’d be, in the dark and squinting at my aunt’s crazy-old PC screen as people bared their souls to anyone who happened by.


4 thoughts on “What the hell was I thinking? The Author, deciphered & look–a movie!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your process! I really enjoyed the piece, so it was interesting to see how it came about. I would love to hear more about that!


    1. Hey there Mrs. Pratt, all the editing, acting, and music choices were all the director’s doing… Definitely an interpretation of the text (and a quick one, in a minute!). A tiny taste of what it must feel like when authors see their films on the big screen. Thx for stopping by (I feel like I should offer you tea)… ;)


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