A Bit of Real Life, A Little Sad, New York, Surreal

Beware the well-dressed man.

I was out for a few hours yesterday cheering on one of my besties as she ran her first full marathon in NY. Great weather (another good friend ran in Chicago recently and it was well into the 60s–great for spectators, and that’s about it). Saw her around mile 9, looking  incredible, not even breathing hard. I’m doing five miles in a few weeks and although I tend to joke a lot, I’m secretly terrified. I don’t want to be one of those people they just lead off the course as they’re shutting down the park. Or what if they find me slumped across a bench and just leave me there, thinking I’m a hobo, and then my mom puts out a missing persons report for me and I become a laughingstock until I get sued by the NYPD for the manpower I cost the city, and then I’m an even bigger laughingstock and even hobos are snickering at me?

Clearly, I’m all about procrastination right now. Important deadline coming up and here I am. Are you not entertained? What, that’s overused? Sorry, I love movies too much to care. Ha!  (Know any cool movie blogs? E-mail me at bedstuychick@gmail.com, please.)


I want to finish part 2 of the F Train Chronicles. Like the B25 (which my mom told me this weekend has historically been a “bad” bus), the F train has its own troubles. There’s always this weird vibe going on. People are especially rude entering and exiting, and I always feel more relaxed and safer when I get to my stop.


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