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This will be horribly disastrous or only slightly disastrous. Slightly disastrous can still be funny.

Ok, so I’m in that zone where you pick up a new hobby like chess or a Rubik’s cube or gymnastics–whatever,  you’re in that place where you’re a tiny bit obsessed. I’m kind of there–I say kind of because 1) I have no idea what I’m doing re: WordPress and am learning as I go and 2) I can only type in short bursts or I risk getting carpal tunnel (again), tendonitis (again) and God knows what else.

But until I’m typing with my elbows, I’d like to start a project with anyone who knows me or has shared, let’s say, an “adventure” with me. Toss out the subject to me, and I’ll try to turn it into a blog post.  I can work with funny or really dark but I think I’m flexible (I would kill for some advice from Alexandra–my writing prof–she’s from the New School, she’s fantastic and you’ll probably see her name here often).

So that’s the challenge: You can catch me on gmail, post or email via WordPress or on my FB page e.g. “Hey, remember that day in City/State/Country and we did XYZ and somehow managed not to get BLANK? And then Jack carried Jill to the Box? Can you make that funny on the page?” And I’ll be giggling, TOTALLY remembering that & thinking only of how I can write it PG-13 and not NC-17, because I want loads of people to read this.




1 thought on “This will be horribly disastrous or only slightly disastrous. Slightly disastrous can still be funny.”

  1. Hey! How’d you know about the chess & Rubiks cube??? I figure if I can learn them both, then I am a genius (self-proclaimed….but my opinion is the only one that matters! Lol). I can’t think of any Nira adventures that don’t involve us being crazy and twenty (and much of it is a blur…..ugh!), but I am looking forward to reading all your posts!


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